“Anyone engaged in a helping profession or anyone who has gone through the valley of death personally would find a rich and profound resource in the material Shirley Thiessen has assembled. Through the lens of her own raw and unimaginable grief, she provides the most practical list of “do’s” and “ don’ts” for walking effectively through grief recovery with another. I heartily endorse and highly recommend Shirley.”

Rev. William (Bill) R. McAlpine, PHD | Professor, Ambrose University

“Shirley Thiessen is able to share from personal experience and the experiences of others how best to walk with someone as they grieve. Shirley shared at the General Assembly of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. This seminar was deeply appreciated.”

David Freeman | VP Canadian Ministries, The Christian and Missionary Alliance of Canada

“Having someone speak on the death notification that has unfortunately suffered a bereavement within their family is extremely impactive for the student. To hear how Shirley and her family coped and are coping through this tragic time leaves no doubt in the student’s minds that they need to get the notification right when delivering it.”

Sgt. Andy Woodward | Calgary Police Service

“Shirley has become an expert on something no one wants to learn: grief. She has determined to bring meaning out of her pain by helping others deal with loss. Shirley is an excellent communicator because she exudes authenticity. Having both spoken alongside and interviewed Shirley for radio, I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow through grief or assist those who are walking a grief journey.”

Donna Carter | International Author, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host

“Shirley’s story is about deep sorrow which leads to HOPE! She is an excellent communicator, relates to people well, and her story is impactful and uplifting.”

Myrna McCombs | Co-Lead, Widow’s Connection, First Alliance Church

“Shirley was the guest speaker for our Ladies Christmas Brunch. We found her warm, real and engaging. She made us laugh and cry as she took us through the deep valley of grief and into the emergent light of living productively despite the loss of her son. Can’t wait to have her come again.”

Cindy Lou Hyde | Sturgeon Valley Baptist Church, St Albert

“In a personal, warm and caring manner, Shirley shared her own story and offered very practical ways for people to walk with others in grief. Our 45 members of the Congregational Care Team were encouraged with her message.”

Jayne Burnham | Pastor of Compassion and Care Ministries/Parish Nurse, Southview Alliance Church