Hope Heroes Course: A Framework for Sharing Hope with the Brokenhearted

A Hope Hero is an ordinary person who courageously puts aside their own personal discomfort with grief. Armed with empathy and compassion, they choose to hear, see, and love a grieving soul.

The Little Black Funeral Dress

Why this book?

“God promises to recycle your pain for His good purpose as you participate and trust His plan.”

The lessons...

  1. You’re not going crazy. You’re grieving. There is a difference.
  2. Hurtful things will be said. Choose to forgive… from a distance if necessary.
  3. People who think grief has a timeline have never suffered a profound loss. Take all the time you need.
  4. Grief will change you. Grief will reveal you.
  5. Hope Heroes are priceless. Find one. Be one.

100 Huntley Street – The Little Black Funeral Dress

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