No one should grieve alone.

Isolation breeds hopelessness.

Supporting a grieving friend doesn’t have to be awkward.

Discover simple tools to gain confidence as a caring grief companion – a Hope Hero.

700 Club Canada interview with Shirley Thiessen

You can't fix the pain, but you can help to carry it.

Grief Companions

You know the feeling of dread that comes when you think of reaching out to your bereaved friend. I have felt it, too.

  • What do you say? 
  • Does it really matter that you call or visit?
  • How do you know if you’re being helpful?

Discover simple concepts that give you confidence to express empathy to the broken hearted.

Stop wondering if you can make a difference. You can!

Be the compassionate friend you’ve always wanted to be. Be a Hope Hero – a caring grief companion.

Grief Coaching

Are you looking for coping ideas to help ease the burden of your loss? Grief is disorienting. It’s natural to feel lost and without a purpose. No one can fix the pain of your loss but, it would be my honor to help carry it.

Do you feel unsure how to support a grieving business client? Or perhaps you need ideas how to help carry the burden of a friend’s loss? End the struggle and gain effective insights to feel confident in your support.


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